Together, we can steward nature to improve the lives of wild animals. 

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We need to know more about the welfare of wild animals.


Fluffy & the Hunt for the Truth

If a cat parent does not enrich the life of their animal through play, the cat parent is solely responsible for that animal’s boredom and any behavioral consequences that arise from that deficiency. Cats can have just as fulfilling a life indoors as they do outdoors, but it takes more work on behalf of the owner. Read More →


Who Else Is Paying for Our Pet Food?

While our dogs and cats might not lie awake at night worrying about climate change and the fate of billions of factory-farmed animals, nor are they responsible for purchasing the food that funds these problems.

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Humane Insecticides: Why Bother?

The potential for these insects to consciously experience some kind of suffering must have an impact on how we interact with them, and our crop fields are a very good place to start.

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The Single Worst Reason to Avoid Stewarding Nature

Deeming something bad/unacceptable simply because it is unnatural, or something good/acceptable simply because it is natural, is known as an appeal to nature.

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