Understand the Issues and Join the Conversation

Understand the Issues

Wild animal advocates have created many outlets for research, outreach, and other projects.  Here are just a few sites you can use to gain and spread knowledge about issues affecting animals in nature.

Wild-Animal Suffering Research conducts empirical research that improves our understanding of suffering in nature and evaluates possible means of reducing it.  Check out their mission statement and published research to read about the importance of suffering in nature, learn about specific issues that affect wild animal welfare, and see concrete examples of the project of welfare biology being put into practice.

Animal Ethics has a collection of articles on the reality and importance of wild animal suffering and how it can be addressed.  Their Ethics and Sentience pages are also excellent introductions to essential ideas in animal advocacy, including advocacy for animals in nature, and you can find lots of other relevant content on their blog. Versions of their site are available in eight different languages.

Sentience Politics has a blog with many posts on species prejudice, social strategy, and other issues relevant to wild animal advocacy, as well as posts narrowly focused on animals in nature (you can find these with a filter).  The introduction and booklet on their about page are also excellent introductory materials relevant to all forms of animal advocacy.

Essays on Reducing Suffering has many essays on wild animal issues.  Nearly all also have references to other sources that you can use to get familiar with important facts and perspectives on suffering in nature.  You can find some of the most relevant essays under “Wild-animal suffering,” “Insects and other invertebrates,” and “Welfare biology,” although there are also many in other sections.

Utility Farm is a collective of researchers and writers whose mission is to research, raise awareness, and reduce the suffering of animals. Utility Farm operates Nature Ethics.

Join the Conversation

There is now a growing number of online communities focused on improving the lives of wild animals.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of spaces where you can network, find and share resources, and engage with others about these issues.

Reducing Wild Animal Suffering (Reddit)

Reducing Wild-Animal Suffering (Facebook)

Reducing Insect Suffering (Facebook)
Wild Animal Welfare Project Discussion (Facebook)