Improving the wellbeing of wild animals requires continuously enriching our understanding of their lives. It's urgent that we learn more about the experiences of individuals in nature, and encourage an ethic of thoughtful and compassionate participation in natural systems.


Understand the issues and join the conversation

By learning about issues facing wild animals, and by promoting and participating in discussions of these issues, we can build a movement of educated, effective advocates.


Advance The field of welfare biology

By growing the field of welfare biology, we can promote research into the experiences of wild animals, so that we can develop ways to steward nature to reduce as much wild animal suffering as possible.


advocate effectively for wild animals

By talking and writing effectively about the issues facing wild animals, we can keep the focus on developing feasible ways to participate in nature to reduce wild animal suffering as soon as possible.

Become a Contributor

If you are interested in writing for Nature Ethics, contact Chloë at chloe.cudaback@wildanimalinitiative.org

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